Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 #4 - Stand in stone

Sanctum is a sacred place, a retreat to seeks ones inner peace. The buildings are adorned with many hand carved angelic statues depicting different themes that are believed to appease the heavens. Remembrance, redemption, proclamation or divine guidance are some that can be seen around Sanctum. Pigeons roost upon these stagnant cold beauties. Yet this peaceful place harbours a secret of a more sinister nature. Of all those that reside in the Sanctum, no one dare speak of it. 

Weary travellers be forewarned. Do not enter the realm of Sanctum alone, especially at night fall. For many of those strangers who have entered this realm are never heard from again. Legend, myth, an old wise tale, call it what you will but this is what I know to be true. Not all the statues are as they seem. Amongst the many winged statues stands a solitary female figure, a stone maiden that looks as though she has been weeping for many years. Angelic wings no longer adorn her grey, cracked stone body as they were broken off, forcefully removed and discarded by a drunken traveller that once visited this realm. Maybe that is the reason for the tears. The stone maiden now desires the souls of any drunk travellers that cross her path. If you ever come across this stone maiden, never take your eyes off of her for she will only move when you are not looking.

Disregarding a warning you were once given, you decide to travel to Sanctum alone. After a long journey you finally arrive at the seemingly peaceful Sanctum. As you wander around admiring the encapsulated beauty, an eerie feeling sweeps over your body. You have that horrible feeling as though you are being followed or watched. You quickly turn around to see that there is no one there but unbeknownst to you perched up high stands a stone maiden watching your every move. 

As you continue your journey through Sanctum, you catch a glimpse of something moving out the corner of your eye but as you turn you realise it is nothing more than a stone statue that seems to share a striking resemblance to a weeping wingless statue you were once warned about. You think to yourself that it was nothing, must have just been your imagination. As you turn away and walk over to the local tavern the statues gaze continues to follows you. 

As darkness falls she will endeavour to devour your soul. Your screams will resonate through the hallow halls and all the town will then know that the stone maiden has claimed yet another unwilling victim.

Fantasy Faire items:

Fallen God's Inc.
Lacrimosa - female - weeping (includes skin, eyes, tunic (mesh in 5 sizes)
as well as appliers for your many additions body parts.) RFL edition.

MacMoragh and Muse
Stone maiden hair


Both RFL items are available at

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