Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Breandán hybrid

Had to do another blog post showcasing Haus of Darcy's Breandán paint and piercings that is currently available at We love role-play. Absolutely loving this set. This unisex set includes facial and chest piercings as well as hip dermals. It also includes face and body paint in different shades and highlights. They are available in Razor, Silver lining, Slide and Frost coloured metals.

Haus of Darcy: Breandan - Face paint and piercing set - Slide (We love role-play)
Glam Affair: Brandi - Arctic 5 G
Devae: Spectrum eyes - Dust - hollow
DE Designs: Panties - black (from Gyda outfit)
Shine: Vampire teeth - normal
Truth: Lagertha
Illusions: Seelie ears
Peqe: Hybrid - Black (Outfit available at We <3 roleplay)
Lost haven: Spiked arm straps
SiniStyle: Taped fist & black nails (Loose hand - Forearm gap)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brandi frosting

 The skin:
Glam Affairs delicious new release skin 'Brandi' is now available in frost at 'The Season Story'
and it is absolutely devine. This version is Frost 02 A and it has a dark coloured frangipani pattern across the top of the eye to the temple.

The dress:
DE Designs have released yet another stunning, high detailed dress for us ladies. Dora comes in many sizes from xxs - L in both mesh and fitted mesh versions. Five colours to choose from Black, which I am wearing, Red, Coffee, Forest black and Purple black.

The piercings:
Íneach face paints & DevIyn piercings are one of Haus of Darcy's recent releases for the current round of We <3 Roleplay . This set has numerous versions of face paint and piercings for you to mix and match and create a pairing that you like. I have featured the DevIyn mesh facial piercing (F) v4 in slide with Íneach face paint.

Glam Affair: Brandi Frost 02 A (The Season Story)
DE Designs: Dora - Black (Recent release)
Haus of Darcy: Ineach face paints & DevIyn piercing collection - Slide (New release - We <3 Roleplay)
Haus of Darcy: Hopeless rosary (Available at the HoD early works)
Magika: Give
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Ice
Bax Coen Designs: Regency boots  - Black patent leather
Para Designs: Serenity Tattoo
Sinistlye: Taped fists and black nails

Ploom: Naughty 3
Ploom: Naughty 2
Ploom: Naughty 1
Ploom: Bones 6

To role-play with Darcy

The Elven Princess.

The female warrior of a lost world.

The envious vampire.

We love role-play is a great place to visit if you are wanting to create or update your role-playing character or even just your every day avatar. I picked a few different pieces from the Haus of Darcy's latest releases that currently feature at this round of We love role-play, to show you that you can mix up your piercings to suit your own personal style or character in which you love to role-play. From subtle and simple for a more elegant look as I have done for my elven princess through to a complete piercing set for a warrior of a lost realm and even for those of us that lurk on the dark side like a blood thirsty vampire that longs to feel the warmth of the sun on her pale cold skin. The piercings are unisex so they come in male and female size. The mesh piercings are very easy to adjust so you can fit them to your unique shape perfectly. Some sets have a couple of different piercing variations for you to try as well as a number of different shades and highlight for the face and body paints.

These piercing sets are currently available at

The Deardriu set is available near the landing point at We <3 Roleplay.

Plus, for you Haus of Darcy VIPs, you have access to the FULL set of
Deardriu face paints and piercings available at the mainstore.
Haus of Darcy 


Credits for the princess:

Haus of Darcy: Deardriu - Face piercings - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Breandán - Chest piercings - Slide
Tableau Vivant: Valentin Hair - D&B pack
Glam Affair: Brandi - Arctic 5 G
Evie's Closet: Nimue Gown - Sorcery (This dress is absolutely gorgeous!)
Deviance: Erulisse circlets - 9 Red
Illusions: Fairy ears
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Silver
Shi : Fingerless gloves - set 4
Olive juice: One piece rule
Olive juice: M Roger


Credits for the warrior:

Haus of Darcy: Breandán - Face paint plus facial, chest and abdomen piercings - Slide (We love role-play)
Haus of Darcy: Deardriu - Face piercings - Slide (We love role-play)
Glam Affair: Brandi - Arctic 5 G
Devae: Spectrun eyes - Dust - halo
Truth: Lagertha
Illusions: Seelie ears
Peqe: Hybrid - Black (Outfit available at We <3 roleplay)
Lost haven: Spiked arm straps
SiniStyle: Taped fist & black nails (Loose hand - Forearm gap)


Credits for the vampire:

Haus of Darcy: Deardriu - Face paint and piercings - Slide (We love roleplay)
Tableau Vivant: Valentin Hair - D&B pack
Glam Affair:  Vera halloween edition
DE Designs: Fay (Mesh dress - also with fitted mesh)
Pucca Firestarter Creations: Elven cloak

Pose: Made by myself so N/A


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Thyri Moon

 This is one of Tableau Vivant's amazing new release hair styles called Moon. It's long, cute and also comes with a headdress (not featured). Moon hair is currently available at the Cutie Moon Fair
I am wearing it in white from the Spring fatpack.

 DE Designs have released this gorgeous mesh dress Thyri. It is very sexy and the textures are incredible. I have been wearing this dress for a couple of weeks and have had a hard time finding some shoes to go with the black version that I'm wearing. I really wanted some platform boots but wasn't sure if thigh high boots would work with this dress until I demo'd a pair of Bax Coen's thigh high patent leather boots, perfect! Now I had the hard chose of choosing a colour.  Love black, definitely need the white, black/red and black/white two tone colours are just amazing.  As you can see I bought the black as usual but will definitely be back for the other colours.

My pics definitely do not do justice for this dress. Head instore and try on a demo, you will not be disappointed. I comes in 5 sizes and also in a fitted mesh version for those with a compatible viewer.


DE Designs: Thyri (New release)
Tableau Vivant: Moon Hair (New release)
Haus of Darcy: The Grey - mesh facial piercings
Glam Affair: Lulu 09 DK
Glam Affair: Aria eyeliner 01
Glam Affair: Prezioso eyes makeup 05
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Ice
Bax Coen Designs: Regency boots - Black patent leather
Graves: Gloves from G451 Divinity outfit - Black
Fear Us: Captive nails - Black

Pic 1 :
Ploom: PYT 1

Pic 2: (left to right)
Purple poses: Kate 01
Purple poses: Kalen 06
oOo studio: sexpot_six

Pic 3:
aDORKable Poses: Frontier 2

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pink Tableau

One of the things I love to do in SL is to mix and match various clothing pieces from different designers, whether it be a single item or a piece from an outfit, to create a unique outfit that I love to wear. Yes my outfits tend to be rather dark but that's my thing, it's what I enjoy. Most stores release their items in an array of other colours or in lighter shades so if you see an item that you like the look of, head to that particular store and see if they have it in a colour that suits your own style.

Tableau Vivant: Vlodovic haïr
Glam Affair: Sylvia - base H
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - basic lips 3
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - Eyebrow 01 H
Glam Affair: Cleavage - America
Haus of Darcy: Metal Mouth MESH round dermals - Spider bite - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Liquid Poison MESH facial & Chest piercing - Slide
DE Designs: Suede and Leather Pants - Black
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Silver (Mens Dept)
MV:Darkwave surfer corset - Onyx
Razor: Ring leader - Black
Para Designs: Butterfly swirl tattoo

Friday, March 14, 2014

Golden Huntress

Fallen Gods Inc: Onyrica female - Ethos gold (We <3 Roleplay)
Anima: Halo - gold (We <3 Roleplay)
!bang: Huntress pose set (We <3 Roleplay)

Haus of Darcy: Little fairy face piercing
Rue: Tonic xxx - Spiced eyes (N/A)
Deviance: Drow priestess - Witching hour
Devious Mind: Lamia trident - Lemon fish

Petit Aria

DE Designs: High waisted dress - red leather
Glam Affair: Aria skin - Asia
Glam Affair: Business tote bag (C88)
Tableau Vivant: Petit hair (The Arcade
Haus of Darcy: Metal mouth - round dermals - spider bite
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Ice (The Mens Dept)