Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 #2 - The faire is open

The 2014 Fantasy Faire is well underway.

On arrival at the Fairelands there are two low lag outfits for you to choose from and wear to help make your journey around the faire more enjoyable. These outfits are located at each of the Faire's sim landing points.

Koi Dragon 
Created by Yukio Ida from Gauze and Selos Dae from Trap

Heavenslough - Drasephier
Created by Alrunia Ahn from Lillth's Den and Sweetgwendoline Bailey from Sweet Revelations.

A free Fantasy Faire Hud has also been provided for you. It is also available at the landing points. 
Just attach the Hud and click on the SIM name you wish to teleport to.

Fairelands Junction

Enjoy the faire!

The Fantasy Faire sim directory on my previous Fantasy Faire post has now been updated with direct links to Faire sims.

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