Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love the fallen

Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. has released this gorgeous Draco glacier skin for We <3 Roleplay and it's currently 50% off. The colour of this skin is absolutely stunning. Strangely all these pics have uploaded incorrectly, the colour is not quite right. 
To see the original colour of this beautiful skin check out this image on my flickr page.

Fallen Gods Inc: Draco glacier - female (We <3 Roleplay)
HoD: Kyo MESH Facial & Ear Piercings - Slide (New release)
SAKIDE: Ada dress - black (Gothmas)
Truth hair: Melita -  black & whites (New release)
Schadenfreude: Ptich leith boots - Black
Insufferable Dastard: Vampire eyes (Past zombie popcorn hunt gift)
SiniStyle: Taped fingers w/ black nails

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Rack - HoD

As of Saturday the 14th Dec at 12am, you'll have exactly 24 hours to grab yourself this amazing 'Kyo' three piece mesh piercing set from
Haus of Darcy for only 200L. This set comes in three metal variations, Razor, Slide (one of my favs) and silver lining. Be aware that the ear piercings of this set were designed to work with mesh ears and I found them quite easy to adjust. 

If you're a HoD VIP, don't forget to wear your group tag when purchasing this set at you'll receive a 20% discount.

Kyo MESH Facial & Ear Piercings - Slide

Haus of Darcy

Style credits
Mandala: Simple ears - unisex
Glam Affair: Vera - Horror edition - 10 c
Adoness: Valasca - Pearl
Coco: Cropped biker jacket - Black
Para Designs: Butterfly swirls tattoo

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In da haus

Haus of Darcy
have recently released their first 100% original mesh collection of piercings and body jewellery. And I must say...they are to die for. These incredibles unisex piercing sets come in an array of coloured metals to suit any skin type. They are also very easy to adjust so they'll fit your avi perfectly.

The Haus Collection 2013

Amazing collection Aydan!  

Dark Winged MESH Facial Piercing - Slide
Solomen MESH Chest Dermals Cross - Razor
Thrust MESH Spiked Hip Dermals - Slide
Dimples Of Venus MESH Dermal Piercing - Razor 

Glam Affair: Vera - Horror edition 07 C
L&B Swear: Mesh "Classic" Leather jacket - Black
Ikon: Ardent eyes - Bone
Cynful: kini SOL
Fear Us: Captive nails
TonkTastic: Cargo pants - Female Version
A&Y: Deuz Boots metallic - Black
AITUI: The Avalanche - Owl feather
Para Designs: Rockabilly - Black

Pic 1: Ploom - Bones 2
Pic 2: AO
Pic 3: oOo studio: Fever five
Pic 4: oOo studio: Innocent six

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cyber Scarab

Fallen Gods Inc: Scarab (Lucky fortunes)
Fallen Gods Inc: Glowing eyes came with Scarab skin (Lucky fortunes)
Haus of Darcy: Compassion piercing prt 1 - slide
Haus of Darcy: Cosmis - chest v2 - slide
A&Y Bunker: Cyber gas mask Inferno
A&Y Bunker: Deuz boots metallic - Black
Graves: G451 Divinity - Black (Skirt, gloves, nipple stripes)
Graves: G387 Devotion (Top)
Deviance: Fantasy face tattoos - Clawed v2
Etchaflesh: Vampiress neck corset
Adoness: valasca - pitch black
Dirtyland: Wolf inside gloves

Sunday, October 20, 2013

6th year of the Fallen


Fallen Gods Inc. are celebrating their 6th year which also means it's that time of year that I love, the Fallen Gods Inc. photo competition to elect a new God and Goddess. Having a disrupted RL and no access to SL for the past few weeks, I missed the cut off for this years competition but I thought I'd share what would have been my entry plus a couple of my dark and creepy entries from previous years.

Who will be crowned this years God and Goddess. The election is now open so head on over to Fallen Gods Inc. check out all the amazing pics and vote for your favourites.

Featured skin - Fallen Gods Inc. Rotten Ghost skin - currently available for 50% off at the We <3 Roleplay event.

Fallen Gods Inc: Rotten Ghost - female - Meat out (We <3 RP)
Tableau Vivant: Vlodovic hair (New Release)
Haus of Darcy: Cosmis - Chest v2 (M) - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Compassion piercing set prt. 1 - Slide
Graves: G451 Divinity - Black (New release)
Dead Apples: Anime Eyes - Wild (Previous arcade gacha)
oOo studio: Nana (instore freebie)

Location: Gehena



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pale malt

Pulled my male alt out of hiding, dusted him off and bought him some new threads so I could try out !bang 's summer collection couple poses. These are just a few of the collection featured here and I must say I had a lot of fun with these amazing and very sexy poses. 
Clothing is purely optional for most of these pose sets.

!bang poses:
Pic 1: Jackpot
Pic 2: Chance
Pic 3: Keeper

Tableau Vivant: Marilyn skin 01
Tableau Vivant: Swat pants - Black
Tableau Vivant: Leather boots
Haus of Darcy: End of the night - prt 1 - Razor
8f8: Leather jacket, vest and shirt - Black (Demo also available on MP)
Dura: Boys & Girls 42 - Black
SiniStyle: Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails

Glam Affair - Lucy - Snow - 02 (TDR)
Haus of Darcy: Compassion piercing part1 - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Bulletproof Piercing - Frost
Haus of Darcy: Cosmis - Belly - Slide
Truth: Karen - Pearl
XIAJ: Skull leggings
Mons Savage: Rigged mesh - MTop01 - Leather
Coco: Cropped biker jacket - Black
IKON: Ardent Eyes - Bone
J's: Studded Long boots - Black
Para Designs: Butterfly Swirls Tattoo
SiniStyle: Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails

Saturday, September 28, 2013


The grand final for Australian rules football was held in Melbourne today between the Fremantle dockers and the Hawthorn hawks. I don't follow either team but was barracking for Freo today because their team colour is purple...love purple!

 Enjoyed a few icy cold beers while I yelled at the TV for the bad umpiring and missed goals. 
Freo just couldn't score enough before the final siren. 

Congrats to the 2013 premiership team, the Hawks! 

*cracks another beer*

Glam Affair - Lulu 09
Haus of Darcy: The Cosmis Collection
Rue: Mortis eyes: Indigo
Truth: BabyDoll -  granny (edited colour)
Mons Savage: Rigged mesh - MTop01 - Leather
Coco: Cropped biker jacket - Black
Sn@tch: Latex pants - Female Purple
SiniStyle: Taped fingers w/black nails
Para Designs: Butterfly swirls tattoo
J's: Studded Long boots - Black

O.M.E.N: Fairytales - Dome - Beauty and the Beast
Boogers: Graffiti Room TV Center
Prime: 1979 HIFI Speakers
Naked Mesh: poster (edited)
Xntra City Balloons: 1 Prim Balloon-(purple)
Headhunter's Island: Tropica beer - light cooler box
Pixel Mode: Bean Bag Chair - Black RARE
The house of Arvo: Body under blood stained rug male
Lok's: Barbary Coast Freight Cart Coffee Table (Mesh)
The Domineaux Effect: Beer bottle
Scarlett Apple: Takeaway Pizza
Mesh Store: Beer Glass

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winged cosmis

The Latest release from Haus of Darcy 'The Cosmis Collection' is amazing! Aydan Darcy has created and debuted an 100% mesh piercing set for your face and body. The set also comes with Cosmis make-up layer in black, purple and blues, created by Astrexia Chrome of Lovely Disarray (Make-up is not pictured).

To compliment this set, there is also a matching 'Cosmis' mesh ear piercing set that is currently available at The Gallery Gift Shop for September. It is made for human and non-human prim ears and come in 3 signature colours, Cosmis, Silent rage and Slide. Definitely a must have!

Fallen Gods Inc.: Feathers - female - Raven silver SB (xxx) We <3 Roleplay
Haus of Darcy Cosmis - chest, belly & facial - Slide
Wasabi Pills: Antiope hair - Ash
Damned - Eyes24
Flightless: Icarus wings - Black 
LaGyo: Savanna necklace - Silver (The dressing room)
Death Row Designs: Demonhands

Can't be tamed

Aves femina.
A winged being that will never be tamed.

Feathery credits:
Fallen Gods Inc.: Feathers - female - Raven silver SB (xxx) We <3 Roleplay
Haus of Darcy Cosmis chest - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Cosmis facial - Slide
Wasabi Pills: Antiope hair - Ash
Europa: Khor feet - Dark
Damned - Eyes24
Flightless: Icarus wings - Black 
Trident: Half mask - Black
LaGyo: Savanna necklace - Silver (The dressing room)
Death Row Designs: Demonhands
DE Designs: Gyda - panties - Black

1. Tableau Vivant: Aida&M4ri1yn F (Couples pose)(She&Him)
2. aDORKable: Flux 4
3. Tableau Vivant: There is something (She&Him)
4a. Tableau Vivant: Ryuunosuke  elbow up (She&Him)
5. Tableau Vivant: Akio (She&Him)

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Challenge - September - Teenage Years

The Challenge items
Prime: 1979 Guitar by
Prime: 1979 Drum set
Prime: 1979 HIFI Speakers
Prime: 1979 Table
Prime: 1979 Shelving unit
Boogers: Hanging Graffiti Bed
Boogers: Random Graffiti Decal
Boogers: Graffiti Room Brick Corner
Kuro - Spin the bottle lamp
Hate this: mesh - band posters
Follow US: Teen - Boy shelf
ChiC buildings: Fame Magazines - 4 Set 3

Other items
Lok's: Barbary Coast Freight Cart Coffee Table (Mesh)
PILOT: Burger Meal
PILOT:Burger Meal Ketchup
Seven's selection: Cola Bottle
TAO: Audio Record Case House MESH
MI86310: Record and Record Cover
Culprit Swervy Lamp
PILOT: Cookie Bar (Chocolate Chip Cookies) (September arcade gacha item)
floorplan. record player / emerald (September arcade gacha item)
Second Spaces: craft room - papers (September arcade gacha item)
Pixel Mode: Bean Bag Chair - Black - RARE (Previous arcade gacha item)
Tee*fy: Cassette Radio Red (Previous arcade gacha item)
Standby Inc.: Beach Radio - Invert (Previous arcade gacha item)
Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Cookie the Cockatoo (Previous arcade gacha item)
Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Squee the Panda (Previous arcade gacha item)
Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Bones the Dinosaur - RARE (Previous arcade gacha item)
Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Bones (September arcade gacha item)
Schadenfreude vouboo: bones (Previous arcade gacha item)
Silentsparrow: Pwnie Standing - Lightning (September arcade gacha item)

Glam Affair: Katya - Europa 02 F
Haus of Darcy: Otherside - Razor
Haus of Darcy: Thrust - Slide w/shadows
Adoness: valasca - charcoal
Ikon: Ardent eyes - Bone
Apple May Designs - City Work Mesh Sweat Shirt - Rock
JP: dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange / Group gift
JP: dsg. Typhoon Pants / Black
Maitreya: RB - Tank - White
Shi : Fingerless Glove - female - set 1 (September arcade gacha item)
Iruco: gacha / Headphone (afk-blk)   (Previous arcade gacha item)
Iruco: gacha / blow glasses (blk)  (Previous arcade gacha item)

!bang: stand 360
HISpose: HISskate 3 - Skateboard prop included

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sacred Opal Fae

I am on a search to find a Chrystaline Opal Fae which are apparently close to extinction. These extremely rare creature are nothing like the cute little mischievous fairies that live at the bottom of your garden.  
It is believed that these quaint colourful beauties with are elusive due to being so timid but if we are lucky and quick enough, we might just catch a quick glimpse.  

 These sweet and angelic creatures with a delicate soft glow live in tiny caves of snowy white, hidden just under the peak of the tallest waterfalls.
With a little persuasion and a very quick hand, look what I managed to catch. 
A sprinkling of fairy dust begins to fall as she froliced upon the palm of my hand. 
 Way too small to sink ya teeth into the neck of but shove one in your mouth and bite down and POP! they burst in your mouth with an amazing crackle and fizz.  Just like a packet of pop rocks. Fairy floss (cotton candy) flavoured wings dissolve the moment they touch your tongue. Mmmm....I could definitely go another one of these.

Dark being: 
Fallen Gods Inc.: Hybrid - Cyan Sacred (First skin)(50% off at We <3 Role-play)
Haus of Darcy: Reach - Midnight - F
Rue: Pluto eyes - Dolphin (Siamese set)
Deviance - Eros Corset - Honor
Wasabi Pills: Teeloh Mesh Hair - Ash (Blacks pack)
Wasabi Pills: Selene hair base - long - Ash (Blacks pack)
Evie's Closet: Oops! RFL 2010 Munch Faery edition (edited)
Happy Undead: Black widow collar
Davinel Ferocious: Magpie top
Paper doll:Dark magic v2 skirt
PXL: OpenMouth addon v7.1.2

Opal Fae:
Fallen Gods Inc.: Crystal - Violet Opalfae Gloss (Second skin)
Tableau Vivant: Keyring necklace unisex
Haus of Darcy: Compassion set prt 1 - Frost
Rue: Pluto eyes - Lilac (Sphynx set)
Fable Workshop: Gillyweed curls 07 - Twilight violet biggy (petticoat wings)
Deviance: Enchantress - Lavender
Deviance: Sidhe wings 7 - Lilac (Fantasy gacha fair)
Wasabi Pills: Tanya Mesh Hair - Crystal violet (FLF edition)

Pic1: !bang - f*s pack B3 (Available at free*style)
Pic2: Vista Animations AO - Dangerous girl
Pic3: Miamai: Model pose - Lazy Sundays July_2 02
Pic4: HopScotch - Free*Style Dollarbie -4 (Available at free*style)
Pic5: !bang - stand 357 (New release - Summer collection)
Pic6: Vista Animations AO - Dangerous girl

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taste the Rainbow

Here are a few of the items available from the Taste the Rainbow 2013 hunt.
These wings from Deviance are just gorgeous!
Taxi's to participating stores in the 'Taste the Rainbow' hunt 2013:

There is also a Taste the Rainbow market with extra rainbow items that have been discounted 
Available Aug 10th - Sept 3rd

Taste the Rainbow hunt credits:
Deviance: Titania Fairy Wings - Rainbow
Deviance: Titania Fairy Wings - Fairy Dust 1
Pink Fuel: Metallic Lipsticks - Violet
Ellabella: Ballad of Stars Rainbow
deviousMind: Sweet Rose Valentina - mesh corset - Rainbow
Studio sidhe: Franklin C. Flutterbye - Rainbow hang glider

Other credits:
Glam Affair: Katya - Europa 02 (Latest release)
Glam Affair: Cleavage - Europa
Haus of Darcy: Gods & Monsters Earring - Frost (L)
Haus of Darcy: Compassion Piercing Set Prt. 2 - Frost
Wasabi Pills: Tanya Mesh Hair - Crystal violet
GOS boutique: Bare feet - flat
PXL: OpenMouth addon v7.1.2
Tee*fy: Lovisa ruffle mini skirt - Creme

Pic 1: !bang - mini series - without purpose 3
Pic 2: !bang - mini series - without purpose 4
Pic 3: !bang - stand 320

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TV's are on SALE

A big sale is currently underway over at Tableau Vivant.
Skins, hair, clothing (including the Sent to Destroy collection and past FaMESHed items), eyes, make-ups, footwear, accessories, props and poses are all on sale, 50 to 75% off.

Mmmm...Stryda in Noctis.
Marilyn, Jin, Noctis, Andrej, Adam, Zero, Vincent, Ryan and Damon skins have all been discounted.

 There are a couple of Tableau Vivant latest release items that are NOT on sale.
There are signs up marking these particular items.

I just couldn't resist, I had to show this skin. Stryda is currently wearing 'Nathan' skin *drools* but it is NOT on sale. I could spend hours watching you guys trying on all these gorgeously sexy and extremely handsome skins.

 Hair packs are also on sale $88 - $188 and fatpacks $450.
Pictured from left to right Couturier, Lythrum, Loire, Hathaway and Smolderholder (not pictured).
Tableau Vivant:
Pic 1:
Skin: Marilyn - tone 1
Sleeves (Sent to destroy collection)

Pic 2
Skin: Noctis - tone 2
Swat - Black (Sent to destroy collection)
Long gilet - Grey (Sent to destroy collection)

Pic 3
Skin: Nathan (Not on sale)

Haus of Darcy
Face: Scorpio simplicity - Razor
Face: Decay piercing 4
Abdomen: Thrust v2 - Razor
Chest: End of the night prt 2 - Razor

Para Design: Rockabilly tattoo - Black med
Dura: boys & girls 42 - Black
Kumaki Glasses: Kasha_R2

On LJ:

TV hair styles:
Couturier - Brown 4
Lythrum - Light blonde1
Loire - Red 4
Hathaway - Snow

Glam Affair: Lulu 09 (The Arcade - June)
Haus of Darcy: End of the night prt 1 - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Bullet proof v3 - Razor
DE Designs: Calixta - Black
Para Designs: Butterfly swirls tattoo
IKON: Ardent eyes - Bone

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Challenge - August - Black & White

G'day everyone! The latest round of The Challenge has been released.
I must admit that I actually got rather excited when I heard that the next round of 'The Challenge' was black and white themed. So come on in and see some of the latest items up for offer this round.

Kuro: Illuminated thoughts
Kuro: A mess of a chair
 Dysfunctional Designs: Blossom vase - W/B
ChiC buildings: Gothic House

 Follow US: Happiness kitchen 
Hate this: mesh - rug - circuit dark
 Dysfunctional Designs: Blossom vase - W/B

Hate this: mesh - the ivory room
Piddler's Perch: Globe ceiling lights
Armana Black & White slipper chair
Dysfunctional Designs: Blossom vase - W/B
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Long black drapes

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Minimalist bed (white) PG
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Monochrome couch table with decoration
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black and White Floor Lamp

Pic 1: aDORKable Poses - Ruffles 1
Pic 4: Ks2Cool: Poses 96-100