Saturday, May 31, 2014

As darkness falls..

the streets become empty except for those that come out at night.
From the shadows they appear in silence.

DE Designs: Halter laceup corset - Black (new release)
Haus of Darcy: Close Enough mesh facial piercings (Tengoku no Rakuen)
Glam Affair: Darkside - Roza 1
Truth: Kaelyn - Pearl
Scrub: 8 buckles skirt - White (The Dark Side fair)
Suicide Gurl - Smite unisex tattoo  (The Dark Side fair)
Bax Coen Designs: Regency boots - Black leather
 L&B - Swear: Classic leather jacket - Black
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Silver
Breach: Raven
Solar Eyewear: Heze

Ploom: Bones 3
oOo studio: Fever Six
Flowey: Walkin' five
LAP: Getting down 3

Close Enough

Haus of Darcy: Close Enough mesh facial piercings (Tengoku no Rakuen)
Glam Affair: Darkside - Roza 1
Truth: Kaelyn - Pearl
Folly: Angel eyes tintable makeup
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Silver


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 #6 - Colours of the faire

The Fantasy Faire is ending very soon which doesn't leave me enough time to blog all the amazing RFL items that the designers of Fantasy Faire have created. I have been face and body painting in RL for pretty much the last 72 hours, am absolutely exhausted. So I have put together six different fantasy themed outfits to share with you in this. Hope you enjoy!

 The Wardancer

RFL - Poet's heart - Wardancer - Onyx - Weapons are include with this outfit
RFL - Folly: Glaze fade - Filigree -light
Glam Affair
Haus of Darcy: Breandan - Faical piercings
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Ice
Adoness: valasca - greyscale
Pose - N/A

The ice crystal sprite

RFL - Aisling: Sumiana Crown - Ice
RFL - Wasabi pills: Darienne - Crystal Azure
RFL - Folly: Tintable glaze - Damask - light
RFL - Sax Shepherd Designs: Nyx Jewelry - Gunmetal (Belt, Necklace, Kini)
Glam Affair: Brandi - Frost - 04 H
Haus of Darcy: Breandan - Frost
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Ice

Golden Orc of Medhir woods

RFL - De La Soul: Ceredil Candice - Gold (Including eyes and ears)
RFL - Demons & Angels: Nord Hunter Hunter
Haus of Darcy: Deardriue
Raw house: Destroyer (Colour edited)
Eldritch: Orc teeth - Grashers II
Marukin: Flight - Mountain dew

 Woodland Elf

RFL - Death Row Designs: Elf armor - Dark
Glam Affair: Elvi - Fairy 01
Haus of Darcy: Thrust - mesh hip dermals v2 - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Kyo - mesh facial piercings - Slide
Fallen Gods Inc.: Eros tattoo - tintable - Rare 
Illusions: Seelie ears
Insufferable Dastards: Bright eyes - sm - Blue/green
Magika: Give
Chaospire: Woodnymph
 (This outfit from Chaosphire is rather old but I still love it. I need to check if it is still avialable. This is one of my first fantasy outfits that I ever bought, would have been almost 6 years ago.)

 Don't forget your frillies

RFL - Frosting: Princess frillies - Snow queen
Glam Affair: Brandi - artic - 5 H
Haus of Darcy: Breandan
Haus of Darcy: Kyo - ear piercings
Dead Apples: Stiking eyes - Ice
Mandala: Simple ears
Koy: Rust - monochrome
L & B Swear: Mesh classic leather jacket - Black
SiniStyle: Tappe fingers w/black nails
Blowpop: Seamed fishnets - Black
Purple poses: 619

Summon the Dragon

RFL - Dwarfins: Dragon shoulder pet
RFL -  The Muses:  Dragon - Rust
RFL - Peot's heart: pants from Wayfarer outfit - Autum foliage
Glam Affair: Lulu 09 (Rare gacha item)
Haus of Darcy: Breandan 
Illusions: Elf ears
Truth: Lagertha - Black & Whites
Purple poses: 522

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 #5 - Blue elves of Blackwater Glenn

Many mysterious creatures reside in the land of Blackwater Glenn.

At this time of year, if you keep your eyes open you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the rarely seen blue elves. Mischievous by nature, these petit creatures can be seen frolicking about the Glenn chasing and gathering light orbs.  

  The blue elves use these brightly illuminated orbs on the surrounding flora to lighting up the darkest corners of the Blackwater. Beautifully light mushrooms can be seen right across the Glenn.

Fantasy Faire RFL items:
Wasabi Pills: Darienne mesh hair - Crystals azure  (Sanctum)
De La Soul: Ceredil - Candace skin - Chameleon (Includes 3 sets of ears) (Blackwater Glenn)
Bliensen + MaiTai: Gilgalad - Tiara, necklace and armbands (The Faery Court)
Musa: RFL pose 1 (pic no. 1) & pose 2 (pic no. 2) (Sanctum)
Musa: Opal eyes RFL2

Other credits:
Haus of Darcy: Breandan piercing set (Facial, chest and hip dermals) - Frost
Deviance: Enchantress - Lavender
Purple poses: PYI pose pack

BLACKWATER GLENN - The Looking Glass

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blood thirsty Juliana

 Sticking with my recent run of fantasy themed posts, this new release dress from DE Designs called Juliana is perfect for fantasy role-playing. As usual I have taken a gorgeous dress to the dark side but at least I didn't spill any blood on it. This is the gold/black version, it is also available in gold/red, green and a purple (which is very pretty).

DE Designs: Juliana mesh gown - Black and gold (Also includes fitted mesh)
Haus of Darcy: Breandan facial piercings - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Provocation piercing prt.2 - Razor (Available at Haus of Darcy "Early Works")
Glam Affair: Darkside Roza 1
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Silver
Ploom poses: Bones pose pack
Truth: Lagertha -  black & whites pack

Blood drips made by me - N/A

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 #4 - Stand in stone

Sanctum is a sacred place, a retreat to seeks ones inner peace. The buildings are adorned with many hand carved angelic statues depicting different themes that are believed to appease the heavens. Remembrance, redemption, proclamation or divine guidance are some that can be seen around Sanctum. Pigeons roost upon these stagnant cold beauties. Yet this peaceful place harbours a secret of a more sinister nature. Of all those that reside in the Sanctum, no one dare speak of it. 

Weary travellers be forewarned. Do not enter the realm of Sanctum alone, especially at night fall. For many of those strangers who have entered this realm are never heard from again. Legend, myth, an old wise tale, call it what you will but this is what I know to be true. Not all the statues are as they seem. Amongst the many winged statues stands a solitary female figure, a stone maiden that looks as though she has been weeping for many years. Angelic wings no longer adorn her grey, cracked stone body as they were broken off, forcefully removed and discarded by a drunken traveller that once visited this realm. Maybe that is the reason for the tears. The stone maiden now desires the souls of any drunk travellers that cross her path. If you ever come across this stone maiden, never take your eyes off of her for she will only move when you are not looking.

Disregarding a warning you were once given, you decide to travel to Sanctum alone. After a long journey you finally arrive at the seemingly peaceful Sanctum. As you wander around admiring the encapsulated beauty, an eerie feeling sweeps over your body. You have that horrible feeling as though you are being followed or watched. You quickly turn around to see that there is no one there but unbeknownst to you perched up high stands a stone maiden watching your every move. 

As you continue your journey through Sanctum, you catch a glimpse of something moving out the corner of your eye but as you turn you realise it is nothing more than a stone statue that seems to share a striking resemblance to a weeping wingless statue you were once warned about. You think to yourself that it was nothing, must have just been your imagination. As you turn away and walk over to the local tavern the statues gaze continues to follows you. 

As darkness falls she will endeavour to devour your soul. Your screams will resonate through the hallow halls and all the town will then know that the stone maiden has claimed yet another unwilling victim.

Fantasy Faire items:

Fallen God's Inc.
Lacrimosa - female - weeping (includes skin, eyes, tunic (mesh in 5 sizes)
as well as appliers for your many additions body parts.) RFL edition.

MacMoragh and Muse
Stone maiden hair


Both RFL items are available at

Fantasy Faire 2014 #3 - Masked Iseult

Lady Cazalet has spent most of her day poised in front of an artist's canvas posing for a painting that is to hang in the great hall along side the many other art works of LeahJane's ancestors that all once resided in this very castle. Today marks the castles 250th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion LeahJane is holding a masked ball. All the towns people were invited to this grand event. Hundreds of lit candles filled the sanctum with a delicate and illuminating glow.

The great hall soon filled with singing and laughter as everyone was enjoying the evening festivities. Across the room stood a tall, dark haired man wearing a long coat of black velvet. The black mask he wore upon his face hid the identity of the man from all around him.  LeahJane did not recognise any of the features that his mask failed to hide.  His extremely pale skin, jet black hair and alluring smile were unfamiliar to LeahJane as she thought she knew everyone from the province.  Intrigued by this man she had to find out more. After speaking to many of her guests not a single person had any knowledge of mysterious man.

With a split second she had lost sight of him. As leahJane looked around the room hoping to catch another glimpse of the man a gentle tap was felt upon her shoulder. She turned to find the man standing before her, gazing down upon her with his vivid blue eyes. The man hands LeahJane a beautiful blood red rose and requests that she dances with him. Without hesitation she takes his hand and he leads her to the centre of the room where many of the guests were dancing. Shivers run across her body for his hand was ice cold to the touch. With his hypnotic eyes and alluring aroma LeahJane suddenly no longer cared about the coldness of his skin.

As the minstrels played and the wine ran free, Leahjane danced with the mysterious gentlemen well into the night. Time ticked away and dawn was soon approaching. Just before the sun broke upon the horizon the masked man leaned down and whispered "thank for such a wonderful evening my lady"then gently kissed LeahJane on the lips. Within seconds of that breathless moment he was gone. No one saw him leave, he just vanished. Children playing on the castle wall claim they saw a bat as black as night, fly from the castle grounds just before dawn. LeahJane laughed at the children's story and headed back inside to farewell the remaining guests that we heading home.

LeahJane hopes to meet the tall, dark and very mysterious man again.


Fantasy Faire RFL items:
Gown: Evie's Closet - Iseult Gown RFL 2014 (Sanctum)
Mask: Illusions - Alato mask - Female (Gold and silver masks are RFL versions) (Sanctum)
Necklace: LNS Designs - New sun necklace - Olive (Mourningvale Thicket)
Eyes: Beautiful Freaks - Sprite eyes - Fern (Mourningvale Thicket)

Link to: Fantasy Faire SIM directory

Other credits:
Glam Affair: Brandi - Artic - 05 H
Haus of Darcy: Metal mouth round dermals - Spider bite - Slide
Exile: Waiting for tonight - Frost
Fallen Gods Inc.: Candle holder - Tall
Purple poses: Tara 07, Naomi 02, Camila 06 & Eleanor 02

Fantasy Faire 2014 #2 - The faire is open

The 2014 Fantasy Faire is well underway.

On arrival at the Fairelands there are two low lag outfits for you to choose from and wear to help make your journey around the faire more enjoyable. These outfits are located at each of the Faire's sim landing points.

Koi Dragon 
Created by Yukio Ida from Gauze and Selos Dae from Trap

Heavenslough - Drasephier
Created by Alrunia Ahn from Lillth's Den and Sweetgwendoline Bailey from Sweet Revelations.

A free Fantasy Faire Hud has also been provided for you. It is also available at the landing points. 
Just attach the Hud and click on the SIM name you wish to teleport to.

Fairelands Junction

Enjoy the faire!

The Fantasy Faire sim directory on my previous Fantasy Faire post has now been updated with direct links to Faire sims.