Saturday, February 8, 2014

Reno Revolted

Haus of Darcy and Lovely Disarray have a collaborated set of piercings and face paint currently only available at the Final Fantasy Festival which is now open. Both stores have a stall set up at the festival where you can grab this set. I suggest visiting both so you can check out their other items also on display.

Final Fantasy Festival taxi to:


Haus of Darcy: Reno Reloaded - piercings
Lovely Disarray: Reno Reloaded - face paint
Haus of Darcy:  Thrust MESH Spiked Hip Dermals
Glam Affair: Lulu 06 (Past arcade gacha prize)
Glam Affair: Prezioso eyes makeup - 05
Rue: Mortis - Coal - Dead eyes
Gos boutique - Barefeet v2 - Flat
R3Volt: LeBlanc top v2
R3Volt: Mackenzie pants v3
Fet!sh: BDSM collar -
Exxcess: Indra hair - white
SiniStyle: Azazel braces
Fear Us: Captive nails - Black
Blackfeet: Tattoo - To the ends of the earth

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

She's no angel

The latest round of 'The Challenge' has just begun and this months theme is heaven. But seeing I am far from angelic, I thought I'd find it hard to blog any of the items from this round.  Well that was until I saw this Angelic chair from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] with it's big golden wings. I pictured it surrounded by lit candles, dark wares and gothic garb. The Angelic chair comes in both high and low LOD versions. It's loaded with lots of seated poses and come in different cushion colours, this one is black. 

If you are wanting to know about any of the other dark delights pictured here, they are listed in the credits below.

DE Designs have just released some suede and leather mesh pants that come in a number of colours, I chose the black ones of course. There is also a new jacket available too.

Tableau Vivant have released a brand new mesh hair style called Hills - dreads. It includes some wispy bits of hair that you can wear around the hair line as well as a colour changing HUD. Love, love, loven the dreads. 

 These gorgeous tootsies are ballerina vanity feet from Glam Affair. The skin tone, ribbons and toe nails are colour changeable via a HUD.  Rose petals are from Cleo designs 'challenge' item. It come with roses in a vase.

New Releases:
Tableau Vivant: Hill - Dreads
DE Designs: Suede and Leather Pants - Black
Haus of Darcy: Metal mouth - Round dermals - Slide (The Haus Collection)
Haus of Darcy: Kyo - Meah ear piercings - Slide (The Haus Collection)

The Challenge items:
22769 ~ [bauwerk]: Angelic chair
Cleo design: Rose petals
Hate this: Neon angel

Other credits:
Glam Affair: Vanity feet - Ballerina
Glam Affair: Lulu ( The Arcade )
Glam Affair: Prezioso Eyes Makeup - 05
Rue: Mortis eyes - Coal (Dead)
Rue: Horned - The Chirurgeon - Black ridges
Happy Undead: Charming collar - Black vinyl
Nuuna: Gods and Monsters (Make-up)
Para Designs: Rockabilly - Black
Mandale: Unisex simple ears
CoG Design: Leather Dress - Gothic Outfit
Fear Us: Captive nails - Black
The Forge: Basic bracer - Steel
The Forge: Eyepatch band (Available free at We <3 Role-play)

Fallen Gods Inc. ~Libertine: Candle holder gold - Small, Medium & Large
22769 ~ [bauwerk]: Long black drapes
Schadenfreude: Vouboo - bones (Love this lil bugger)
The elegant goth: The Raven book stack
SiniStyle: Human heart - Glass bell dome
The house of Arvo: Body under blood stained rug male v1

I can be angelic thanks to Hate this. These Neon angel wings are their 'Challenge' item. Just plug em into the wall and you too can look angelic  :D