Friday, September 30, 2011

Mad Alice

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

                                                                                                                                                           - The Mad Hatter 

Deviance - Wonderland dress (This colour is a hunt prize)
Glam Affair - Amelie skin - Contessa (Previous TDR)
PE - Rowe (Ghost)
Pose1: Ever Glow - Model pose 420
Pose2: Dare - Ba Da Bing
Scrub - RJ Collar
Sinistyle - Azazel Bracers & Taped fists
Mortality - Tattoo - Sweet Death
Tea party set - Almost Wonderland

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In love with Graves

 Love Graves 
Love latex 
Love yourself

Glam Affair - Layla (Light)
Ploom - Oro in coal
Graves - Outfit G331 Jinx - Black
Rue - Mortis Eyes: coal (Not available)
Schadenfreude - Jorogumo Jacket
Nomine - Medea Spinal Collar
Virtual Insanity - Perv dead boy tattoo
BC322 - Gasmask
Little Britain Designs - Spiked arm bands
Pose 1 - To be updated
Pose 2 - Ever Glow - Model pose 420
Pose 3 - Miamai - Model Pose - I can't control myself

Lady of the lake

As a mist spread over the lake, a haunting image of a lady suddenly appears out of the water.

As the mist clears, she playfully skips and dances upon the waters surface in your direction.
Don't allow her pale and pure beauty tempt you, for she will lead you a watery grave.

Store directory -- over there---->
Glam Affair - Amelie skin - Contessa (TDR)
Evie's Closet - Lumina Nymph - Aerie Edition
TRUTH - Gabriel - Snow
Pose 1 - Miamai Model Pose - I was only dreaming 08
Pose 2 - Miamai Model Pose - Lazy Sundays (July 2)

Friday, April 15, 2011

If I only could...

She sits alone on the floor, in a dark empty room with nothing more than a lit candle. Thoughts of a man,  long since past, begin to flourish from deep within her subconscious. As the candle slowly burns down, she stares at the flame as it dances upon the pool of melted wax. It's gentle flicker, hypnotic. Her body relaxes and her mind wonders to a realm not of the living. With an out stretched arm, he comes to her. Gently placing his finger tips upon her shoulder. She begins to remember all that he was.

She stands and faces the ghostly image. Then as she throws herself into his outstretched arms, a Kate Bush song begins to plays in her head. And as if possessed, her body begins to move and dance around the room.

Embraced in his memory, she continues dance with her Angel. 

Together, they move as though they have never been apart.

 She closes her eyes and breaths him in, his scent forever familiar. 
She knows this moment wont last much longer, as his presence begin to fade.

Relinquished. As two become one, the candle goes out.  Tears begin to fall upon her cheeks, as the realisation that he has gone once again, begins to set in. They are not tears of sadness but of joy. She can feel him watching over her.

He shall remain in her mind and heart forever.

This post is dedicated to those that have also lost someone close to them.
May they forever stay strong in our hearts, for it is us that keeps their memory alive.

Outfit: []Trap[] Spiked coat and spiked pants
Hair: Ploom - Tarion (Snow)
Skin: Myverna - Platinum drow ears and skin (Blue lips Black eyeband)
Eyes: (House of Ruin) now Rue
Pose pic 1: Diesel Works - Emo 2 
Pose pic 2 3 4 5: Studio Sidhe - Running up that hill (couples poses)
Pose pic 6: Imerial Elegance - Despair 07
Candle: Low prim high style - Cranberry candle

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dark Obsession

Coulrophobia...the fear of clowns. 
You all should fear them. Clowns are sinister beings that pray on those that seek joy and laughter. They are evil, always have been, always will be! 
They are plagued by unrelenting voices, echoing from deep within their troubled minds. Leaving them lost, chaotic and very unpredictable.

Behind the make-up lurks a dark, unforgiving soul.

But stare for just a moment and not a second more.

For she is an avid collector of skulls, and she will surely add you to her decadent collection.

She is proud of her most recent acquisition.

 Are you in need of an entertainer for your next special occasion. I promise she will have your guests laughing to death.

(SLURLs are available in my store directory)

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. - Hybrid xx - Grey clown (Dead man's hand hunt)
Hair: Schadenfreude - Black Witch Zola
Dress: Schadenfreude - Noir Funambule Set
Collar: Lost Haven - Bestial White Posture Collar
Boots: Sinistyle - Ripper II
Bracers: Sinistyle - Azazel Bracers

Pic 1: Olive Juice - Handsy Runway
Pic 3: Sylva's Animation factory - hang-007
Pic 4 & 5: Olive Juice - Regulators
Pic 6: Sylva's Animation factory - kneel-061

Location: Sinistyle main store

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strike by night

Hehehe...hiya everyone, welcome to my new cutezy blog! Here you'll find all things soft and fluffy. It's filled with lots of warm fuzzy wuzzies. 

Bahhahahahahahahah...just shitting ya! Sorry but sparkles do NOT live here, only darkness, blood shed and lots of leather. Greetings and welcome to the darker side of SL. This vampire has stories from past and present to divulge and wants to share them with you. I have added a few old posts, just to get the ball rolling. So pull up a chair, sit back and try to relax.

Pssst...are your doors locked?


Jacket: Schadenfreude from Blue Widow Jorogumo outfit
Pants: Immerschoen Girl - Leather Pants Set 'Greta'
Corset: J's Lace-up corset - Black Leather
Skin: Glam Affair - Castalia Skin - natural -Night
Hair: fascino - Twinkle Qeen Black
Bracers: SiniStyle Azazel Bracers (& hand tape)
Pose: [Imperial Elegance] Allure - 12

Of the night

A solitary vampire walks the hallowed halls of an ancient cathedral. Footsteps silenced as she walks upon the carpeted bluestone floor.  

Baring no reflection, her beauty will be forever unseen by her hypnotic blue eyes. 

 The flickering flames of the pale yellow pillar candles seem to dances as she lusts for her lost love. Many moons have past since she was last held close in his arms.

Longing. To touch, to be touched.

Interrupted by the clanging of the wrought iron door knocker that adorns the centuries old wooden doors. Who dares knock upon her door.  Could it be him? After all these years, had he returned to her? Sadly not, the sickening smell of mortality is strong as it wafts under the huge main doors. More like a weary traveller or a lost soul. Hmmm...must be dinner!

Skin: Glam Affair - Castalia Night (The Dressing room
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Reversed Double Duster in Darknight (EaHH market)
Eyes: Are my ultimate favs from the House of Ruin - Tonic XXX
Dress: Nomine - Delilah dress
Collar: Nomine - Spinal collar from Medea dress
Taped hands & Bracers: Sinistyle

Pic 1: Gesticulate - smooth std1(Proposer hunt)
Pic 2: Hate me and eat me - Ergo
Pic 3: Oh shit, I forget :(   If it looks familiar, let me know!
Pic 4: Essential Soul Studio - Cold Winer ...
Pic 5: Sylva's animation factory - stock-stand-207

Location:  +SANCTUARY 4 NONE+ A Dark gothic BSDM club and cathedral.

Welcome to my fun house!

Under the veil of darkness, a Circus of the damned rolled into town. Rumours quickly spread of Vampires, as many of the town folk began to vanish. No laughter is ever heard coming from this big tent, only the screams of those unfortunate enough to enter alone.

So come on in. Take a seat...if you dare!

Believing vampires are nothing more than fiction and being a rather inquisitive individual, you decide to take a closer look and step into the dimly lit tent. It was cold and empty. The smell of blood fills the damp night air. You suddenly feel a presence, and as if out of nowhere, a clown had magically appeared, intrepidly balancing high above on the tight rope. Her arm swung forward, and with a slight twist of her thumb, she had splayed apart four large knives. You take a seat on an old hand carved wooden chair. Your excitement and anticipation begin to mount, as you gaze hypnotically up at the circus performer. To your amazement, she holds the very sharp blade ends of the knives and begins to juggle. The evil fanged beauty, turns and glares straight at you with her vivid blue eyes. She herself desires to be entertained, and she has you in her sights. All of a sudden, she throws the knives in your direction. With precision, she has pinned your arms and legs tightly to the chair by your clothing. With wide eyes, you look down at the large blades that just missed your skin. You begin to panic. As you try to move, you fail to notice that the clown was no longer up on the tight rope and that she was now standing directly behind you. As you look back up at the now barren rope above, you hear a gentle whisper in your left ear "Scream for me". Cold lips press firmly against the skin on the side of your neck, then an agonisingly sharp pain as she sinks her fangs deep into your warm flesh.  She borders on ecstasy as your blood begins to flows over her tongue. You scream at the top of your lungs due to the affliction she forced upon you but you soon stop as her bite becomes extremely erotic. Within seconds, your body becomes calm and relaxed, no longer trying to fight her bite of death. Everything goes dark...

Releasing her grasp from your neck, the clown takes a step back and wipes a small drop of your blood from the corner of her mouth with the tip of her finger and places it on her tongue. "Mmmm...delicious!  Compliments to the chef". Before leaving, she leans over your wretched body and retrieves her beloved weaponry, then vanishes back to the shadows from where she came.

- - - - -
Outfit is a collaboration of 5 different BareRose outfits:
Trum-Pet Bunney: Red hat
Dama del Ruedo: Black Jacket (no sleeves)
Tutu: Tutu black
Miss Quin: Red pants
Flurry Red: Collar
- - - - -
Skin: Fallen Gods Inc - Clown skin fanged - The show must go on
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Zoe - Midnight
Eyes: House of Ruin - Tonic XXX: Hypnotist
Pose: Leafy - Redspot (edited)
- - - - -
This pic is my entry in the Bare@Rose 5YA photo contest on flickr. I thought I should give it a story.

Candy Striker

Suck my lolly...pop!

Candy Mistress awaits your arrival

Want one?
I have these flavours left, toxic slime, bleeding heart, Absinthe, love bite.

Sweet, dark and sexy, what more could want from a vamp on V'day!?!

Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been a hundred and forty five years since my last confession. I took something which was not rightfully mine, the life an innocent but I enjoyed it immensely. I stalked my victim, a pretty young thing in her early twenties, as she left the cupids fair mini hearts hunt over at Glam Affair. Hearing her constantly whine about how much of her own time she had to waste to find free gifts, enraged my inner damned soul. Little did she know that she had now become the prize in my own hunt. When the moon was at it's highest, I pulled her into the shadows. The pounding of her beating heart was deafening yet so alluring as it quickened. Having her pinned against the wall, I leaned in close, and with a soft voice I whispered "fear not my child, for I shall rid you of your burden of time". I felt the warmth of life as I pressed my lips against her neck. My fangs pierced her delicate skin with such easy. I drank the warm, crimson fluid as it flowed freely, revitalising my cold body from the inside out. I continued to feed upon her mortal essence till just before the last beat of her heart. It was a clean kill, not a drop was spilt. I took the heart shaped parcel that the girl had in her possession then fled the scene. Upon arriving home, I covered my blood stained lips with a mask then opened the parcel revealing a cute pink and black lingerie set, which of corse I tried on. Who says a Vamp can't wear pink!?!


Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Candy Mistress in Platinum
Lingerie: Glam Affair - Ramonna Valentine gift from Cupids fair mini heart hunt
Skin: Tuli - Hope goth natural (past group gift)
Eyes: Little Prick - Spooky eyes
Tatt: iN After Earth - Champions trophy
Stockings: Sn@tch - Fishnet stockings widetop
Boots: Bobbysocks Shoppe - Studded strappy boots
Knife garter & Armbands: Little Britain Designs
Guns: Breach UPS
Gas Mask: BC322 (F#@k'n Xmas Fair)

Illuminate the darkness

Skin: Gauze - Illuminati Female - Gray - Asura - Cyan (Sunkissed skin faire at Harajukubox) 
Eyes: House of Ruin - Tonic XXX: Hypnotist (free) 
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Summon Winter Black tipped (Currently not available) 
Horns: House of Ruin - The Chirurgeon Horns: Starshine ridged (Elemental set) 
Collar: Kinky Designs - CD Heavy spiked Collar steel posture 2 
Tattoo: Virtual Insanity - Perv dead boi tattoo 
Silks: Solange - Sahara flex silk skirt (black/sliver) 
Gloves: Sinistyle - Finger tape & black nails