Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black Inga

Around the start of January I received a group notecard from DE Designs stating the words;
 Coming soon! A new chapter… 

along with a new logo which left me rather excited. Couldn't wait to see what DoC Eldritch of DE Designs had planned. I have followed DoC's work for many years. He creates clothing for both men and women and have personally always liked his darker creations. I have quite a nice collection of DE corsets and outfits. 

The new chapter has begun.
This is one of DE Designs latest releases. This gorgeous mesh outfit called Inga.
I am wearing the black version and it is also available in old leather.

This complete mesh outfit includes a coat with attached knitted gloves, a collar that is resizable, a leg belt that I am not currently wearing and pants that have been shaped to fit perfectly under the coat so you have no sticky outty bits. There is also a second set of mesh pants that can be worn with other outfits.

Your ride to DE Designs

Outfit credits:
DE Designs: Inga - Black
Glam Affair: Lulu 09 (Past arcade gacha prize) Just can't take it off  :P
Glam Affair: Prezioso eye makeup - 05
Haus of Darcy: Metal mouth - Round dermals - Spider bites - Slide (The Haus Collection)
Haus of Darcy: Kyo ear piercings (The Haus Collection)
Haus of Darcy: Bulletproof v3 - Razor
Lovely Disarray: I'm no Priest face paint
Mandala: Unisex simple ears
Elikatira: Fight - White
Repulse: Living Dead v2 Eyes

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Liquid poison

Haus of Darcy have released a new facial & chest piercing set called Liquid poison for this round of 'The Rack'

This round started at midnight so you have until 11.59pm SLT tonight to get your grubby little hands on this gorgeous piercing set for only $200L. It's available in Slide, Razor, Silver lining and Frost coloured metals. 
And for you group members, don't forget to wear your VIP group tag to receive a discount on these sets.

Outfit credits:
Haus of Darcy: Liquid poison facial & chest piercing set v2 - Slide ('The Rack')
Glam Affair: Lulu 09 (past arcade gacha prize)
Magika: Hair - Today
Lovely Disarray: Cosmis make-up - Black
Lovely Disarray: I'm no priest face paint
MW ilweran: Elven/Elf/Faun ears - Bone thorn
Repulse: Living dead eyes v2 - Dilated
J's: Lace-up corset - Black leather
TonkTastic: Cargo pants
Utopiah: The game of death tattoo
Sinistyle: Azazel bracers
Fallen Gods Inc. Libertine furniture: Ambience candle holder - Tall

Pic 1: oOo studios:
Pic 2: oOo studios: Fever_three

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Merry Gothmas to all

Hope you all had a Merry Gothmas and a wild but safe New Year.

Fallen Gods Inc. have released this gorgeously coloured Anemia skin, also available in a male version, for the Gothmas event.
Featured is the Draco version. Love the scaly texture of this skin.

This is very late but I am still caught up in real life  :(
but Gothmas is still up and running so head over now and check it out.

Fallen Gods Inc: Anemia - female - Draco
Haus of Darcy: Kyo - Facial & ear piercings - Slide (Mesh piercings)
Haus of Darcy: Solomen - Chest dermals cross - Razor (Mesh piercings)
DE Designs: Calixta - Black
Exile: Beyond the waves - Frost
A&Y Bunker: Deuz boots metallic - Black
Delusions: Sleeve tattoo - Web of Deceit
Insufferable Dastard: Vampire eyes (Past Zombie hunt gift)