Friday, March 4, 2011

Dark Obsession

Coulrophobia...the fear of clowns. 
You all should fear them. Clowns are sinister beings that pray on those that seek joy and laughter. They are evil, always have been, always will be! 
They are plagued by unrelenting voices, echoing from deep within their troubled minds. Leaving them lost, chaotic and very unpredictable.

Behind the make-up lurks a dark, unforgiving soul.

But stare for just a moment and not a second more.

For she is an avid collector of skulls, and she will surely add you to her decadent collection.

She is proud of her most recent acquisition.

 Are you in need of an entertainer for your next special occasion. I promise she will have your guests laughing to death.

(SLURLs are available in my store directory)

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. - Hybrid xx - Grey clown (Dead man's hand hunt)
Hair: Schadenfreude - Black Witch Zola
Dress: Schadenfreude - Noir Funambule Set
Collar: Lost Haven - Bestial White Posture Collar
Boots: Sinistyle - Ripper II
Bracers: Sinistyle - Azazel Bracers

Pic 1: Olive Juice - Handsy Runway
Pic 3: Sylva's Animation factory - hang-007
Pic 4 & 5: Olive Juice - Regulators
Pic 6: Sylva's Animation factory - kneel-061

Location: Sinistyle main store