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I may not be the blogger you are looking for but please feel free to read on. My name is LeahJane Cazalet but you can call me LJ. I have been blogging for around 5 years on a number of other blogs including spread your wings before creating Strike By Night. My blog is directed more to the darker side of SL, the less everyday normal and more dark and obscure. I am a vampire at heart that loves cyber, grunge and industrial genres . I also love all things fantasy from elves, drow, dark fae and fairies to mythical creatures and of course anything horror related and undead. I am a female avatar but have a male alt that I occasionally dust of when his assistance is required. I'm rarely seen without tattoos, piercings and extremely pail or uniquely coloured skin. I tend to blog high quality items that suit my dark style. I love to mix and match different items from an array of designers to create a unique outfit or style. This includes anything from new releases to old favourites. Though the occasional pretty post does appear, pink fluffy slippers and a flowery dress are less likely to get blogged compared to black leather and lace pants and a studded collar…lol Many normal items usually get darkened up with alternate accessories like spiked jewellery, black boots, masks and weaponry. All items I feature in a post are credited and linked to the creators store, either inworld or market place (which ever is available). Pics are also added to flickr with a link to the blog post. I have a store directory that I have been working on for awhile but it keeps playing up on me but I will eventually prevail. I am not a bloggaholic, I don't blog 10 times a week. Sometimes it will take me a week to find the perfect items I need to complete the style i'm currently creating. My current RL issues determine the frequency of blogging. I blog because I enjoy playing dress-ups and taking pics of my avatar and it's surrounding. That may sound vain but it is what I do with my SL.

If you are still reading this and I can help you out in anyway, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am an Aussie so be aware of the time difference. If I don't get back to you straight away, it's probably because I am sleeping.



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