Saturday, May 31, 2014

As darkness falls..

the streets become empty except for those that come out at night.
From the shadows they appear in silence.

DE Designs: Halter laceup corset - Black (new release)
Haus of Darcy: Close Enough mesh facial piercings (Tengoku no Rakuen)
Glam Affair: Darkside - Roza 1
Truth: Kaelyn - Pearl
Scrub: 8 buckles skirt - White (The Dark Side fair)
Suicide Gurl - Smite unisex tattoo  (The Dark Side fair)
Bax Coen Designs: Regency boots - Black leather
 L&B - Swear: Classic leather jacket - Black
Dead Apples: Striking eyes - Silver
Breach: Raven
Solar Eyewear: Heze

Ploom: Bones 3
oOo studio: Fever Six
Flowey: Walkin' five
LAP: Getting down 3

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