Monday, March 11, 2013

Off to a BANGing start at the arcade

I knew I should have stayed at home. It took about a week and a half to gain access into the Arcade and I have had an absolute ball spending all my L's at this round of Arcade gacha machines. There are soooo many awesome and very cute items this time around that you just cant resist. This is the first of many Arcade posts I'll be doing showcasing my horde of Arcade gacha wins  :D

Arcade items:
Glam Affair - Luria skin 13
Iruco: Blow glass - Black
Truth: Video Games - White
The Sea Hole - Lorette (Mesh) Skirt - Noir
The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Black
Half-Deer: Eternum Antlers - Black Silver Studded

Other items:
Haus of Darcy: Compassion piercing set
SiniStyle: Taped finger with black nails
1 Hundred: Babe Bodysuit

!bang: mini series: Derby girl 1
!bang: mini series: Derby girl 3
!bang: mini series: Derby girl 2

Location: The Arcade

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