Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blossoms in the darkness

 A North wind blows. A handful of cherry blossoms dance upon the warm breeze, cascading into her realm of darkness.

Standing still, ever so silent. 
The delicate blossom petals, soft to the touch, leave a trail of goosebumps as they gently brush past her grey skin.

Their origin a mystery. She begins to lust for what must be on the otherside

 For their beauty must come from a world bathed in light, love and colour. A world so different from what she knows.


HISpose: HISCherry blossoms (New release)(Available at The Liaison Collective)
Haus of Darcy: Otherside - Frost (New release)(VIP group exclusive)
Haus of Darcy: Spiked Lust v1 - #3 - Frost (New release)
Haus of Darcy: Spiked Lust - Chest Dermals - Frost (New release)
Glam Affair: Leah Grey skin D
Magika: [02] Today
Illusions: Seelie ears
Etchaflesh: Satin Black Underbust Corset
Ikon: Ardent Eyes - Bone (New release)(Available at The Liaison Collective)
SiniStyle: Azazel Bracers
SiniStyle: Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails
Utopiah: The Game of Death Tattoo
Nomine: Skirt is from Delilah Dress

*Otherside piercing set from Haus of Darcy is VIP group gift and is available Thurs 21st March.
(Please note these are VIP GROUP Exclusive items so they are only available to those who have joined the shop's group. Enrollment is open.)

*Spiked Lust piercing set is available from Fri. 22nd March
(This is a special limited edition set that will only be available til March 31st!)

Pic 1: HISpose: HISBlossom (New release)
Pic 2: Purple poses - M -80
Pic 3: !bang - overcome 4 (New release coming soon - Zodiac)
Pic 4: !bang - overcome 2 (New release coming soon - Zodiac)
Pic 5: !bang - overcome 3 (New release coming soon - Zodiac)

Location: Pteron - coma  (Thanks Rue <3)

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