Wednesday, January 2, 2013



I headed back to the Arcade at around 10mins to 12 on the last night of the December round of gachas. Thought I'd have another bash at the Schadenfreude gacha machine  I was lucky enough to win a couple more bones (my fav of this series) and also scoring a rare katdragon and pizza which I had neither of. Alle was still the only vouboo not in my possession. As the sim owner arrived to close the place, I had a few last tries and on my very last attempted I score a vouboo with a little green mohawk...
I actually made that sound in RL, my partner thought I had lost the plot as I let out a mighty The final piece to my puzzle, completes my series 1 set including all rares. *smiles happily*

As my hate for Allegory Malaprop begins to diminish with the closing of this round at the Arcade, I believe my hatred will rear its ugly head again with the release of series 2. I think I might have to plan a holiday for when that happens...well that will never happen because I will be there with bells on.


Schadenfreude vouboos: Bones, Pizza, Alle, Archie and Katdragon.
Tableau Vivant: Ewing hair in black
Glam Affair: Dark side - Roza 1
Haus of Darcy: TV piercing 1 - Frost
Haus of Darcy: Scorpio - Frost
Deviance: Santa baby dress - Candy apple
UtopiaH: The game of death tattoo
Sinistyle: Taped fist
Pose: TeaSoup - Just a second

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