Monday, December 31, 2012

I HATE Allegory Malaprop!

I can honestly say that I hate the pale skinned, green hawked, talented creator from Schadenfreude with a passion. Don't be fooled ladies and gentlemen, she is pure evil. I am not much of gacha kind of a vampy. I have dabbled every now and then but never go crazy over them...until now.

My troubles all began when I decided to check out this round of Gachas at The Arcade. The Arcade itself is a great build and is a definite must see. As I leisurely strolled around the Arcade, a pinball machine ahead, up on the right caught my eye. Upon it was a poster that pictured a group of cute little critters called Vouboos.  Two of them stood out and pulled on my heart strings. One, a little skeleton named Bones and the other, a mini Allegory version named Alle, this green hawked vouboo is so cute. I inserted a few lindens and tried my luck and YAY! on my third attempt I won Bones. <insert happy dance here> Though Alle is a rare vouboo I'd still try my luck coz you just never know.   Went back again and again and again but with no luck. I tried a few more times but still no Alle. I haven't even been able to hunt one down in The Arcade chat group, no one has had one to trade. Aaaarrrrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!

The thing I hate the most about this poster is that it says series 1...OMG...there's gonna be MORE!!!!

Hi, my name is LJ and I am addicted to Vouboos. 
Over a hundred of these cute little buggers now fill my lounge, even a couple of rare Archie vouboo's. So If any of you gorgeous readers out there have a spare Alle to trade send me an IM and I will love you forever. <3 <3 <3

With all the time I have been spending at the Arcade, my gacha addiction has now extended beyond the Schadenfreude gacha machine. Being a very monochromatic person I liked a number black and white items also up for grabs like this black origami deer head from Commoner, Rare black message center from The Loft and a grey candy kitty from Katat0nik, hanging from the icy mix vespertine sleepy rocking chair arm pictured in the top pic...

Tableau Vivant's Ewing hair in black, Gray glimmer contacts from Insufferable Dastard, Pididdle special treasures blood necklace, D-lab gang cats and Sassy pose 1 from !bang.

And not forgetting the awesome black gum ball machine from Floorplan :D

I must admit I have almost lost control once before with another gacha machine that just happened to be also owned by Allegory. Flamingoes, brightly coloured flamingo were the cause, well a skeleton flamingo to be exact. To this day it still illudes me.

The Arcade

Extra creds:
Glam Affair: Dark side - Roza 1
Haus of Darcy: TV piercing 1 - Frost
Haus of Darcy: Scorpio - Frost
Deviance: Santa baby dress - Candy apple
UtopiaH: The game of death tattoo
J's: Studded long boots (ladies)
Sinistyle: Taped fist
Cheeky Pea: Rue Abel Loveseat (With love hunt)
Cheeky Pea: Hello deer fireplace (Group gift)

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