Monday, January 21, 2013

4 years blogging

WOW...has it really been 4 years? *scratches her head*

On January 21st 2009,  I was approached by Helena Stringer of Stringers Mausoleum (who I had been instore modelling for) and was asked if I like to be blogger for 'Suddenly Seeking Stringer' blog.  Though scared out of my pants, it took little convincing. After being shown the ropes I was let loose...4 years later I'm still at it. I may not be an overly active blogger but I do it when my RL lets me plus I really enjoy it.
For many years June Dion of BareRose has continued to create an array of amazing outfits. The first outfit I chose to blog was the Studded Armor Lady from BareRose, so I thought I'd reblog that exact outfit, past and present. It is still as stunning as it was four years ago.

Here is my first ever pic and the post that goes along with it :P  Blogger virgin

First blogged outfit revisited - Studded armor lady

As my joy for blogging continued to grow I began contributing to other blogs as well, like;

Free Finds For Men (Deleted)
The Designer Spotlight
The Fringe Society

Then eventually branched out with my very own blog Spread Your Wings. Though not completely happy with the it, I then ended up creating this blog 'Strike By Night', a blog dedicated to a darker style of fashion that I love and not so much of the pink and fluffies.

Hadn't not been there in awhile, I tp'd over to BareRose headquarters to check out some of the recent releases and I came across this little beauty called The Creeper.
<3 <3 <3 it!

B@R: Studded Armor Lady
B@R: The Creeper
Haus of Darcy: Dragon's Tail Gauge v2 (L) - Frost
Haus of Darcy: Dragon Studs (L) - Frost
Haus of Darcy: The Crux - Razor - F
Haus of Darcy: Bullet proof - Razor
Glam Affair: Dark Side - Roza 01
Wasabi pills: Morgan mesh hair - Ethereal
Vestigium: Lady Muerta (mesh tattoo)
Damned: Eyes 31
Sinistyle: Taped fingers with black nails
Pose: Purple poses - 608
Pose: Ploom - Seethru - 2

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