Monday, December 3, 2012

Cupid at my feet

The god of desire, affection and erotic love now lies forever motionless at my feet. His tiny hand still clutching his bow. His demise came as he attempted to pierce my pale skin with an arrow of love.  It is not a complete waste, he was a delectable little morsel. *wipes chin*

HoD: Fire In The Water piercing set - Pomegranate
Glam Affair: Halloween gift skin
Rue: Tonic XXX - Hypnotist (Right eye - Old favs, not available)
Exile: Beyond the waves - Frost
Illusions: Fairy ears
Death Row Designs: dark makeup stitch
Sinistyle: Tape fingers with black nails
Boom: Duveteux rayonnant jacket - noir
CoG Design: Leather dress mini upper
Etchaflesh: Satin black underbust corset
Happy Undead: Mini skirt - Vinyl black
Graves: Eye patch - G331 Jinx - Black
A&Y: Deuz boots metallic - Black

Pic 1: aDORKable poses: Flux 2
Pic 2: Del May - Never
Pic 3: No longer available
Pic 4: D.Luxx Poses - The Vintage - Tootsie Roll 07
Pic 5: In-pose: Beautifully nude 9

Location: Progeny Vampire RP Sim

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