Monday, March 10, 2014

Tortured for the sake of beauty

This is the result of my 9y/o daughter sitting down next to me wanting to dress my avi. I told her I was going to blog a new skin from a store called Glam Affair, she looked at me strangely and said "you can't take pretty pictures looking like that" talking about my normal dark looking Avi. I agreed to let her help. Big mistake! To my horror I had to remove all the tatts and piercings, couldn't even convince her to allow a simple dermal piercing on the upper lip. I feel so naked without my piercings. Sorry Darcy you lose out on this one. Had to then lose the creepy eyes, dye my white locks brown, remove all black clothing including the boots, I just wanted to cry. Then I actually had to put on underwear…lol. I was told we needed a dress. Kinda regretting having such a large Evie's closet folder in my inventory, we spent about 1.5 hours trying and retrying every single dress, even had to go to the store to see if there was anything else that we may have missed or looked better in a different colour. As for the beautiful Sylvia skin from Glam Affair with it's huge array of tattoo layer addons. Eyebrows, eye shadow, nose, cheeks, lips and lipstick we tried on every layer again and again till she was happy. O.O

There is no chance in hell I'd let this post go without creating a pic of my own (when my daughter went to bed). Sylvia, though a very beautiful skin for all you gorgeous women out there, it is also perfect for those of us that enjoy the more darker side of SL.


1st pic
Glam Affair: Sylvia - base H
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - Basic lips 2
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - Eyebrow 01 H
Glam Affair: Bohemian romance - Geisha
Tableau Vivant: Vlodovic haïr
Evie's Closet: Demeter gown
Insufferable Dastards: Gem eyes - Dark gray
!bang: Stand 330

2nd pic
Glam Affair Sylvia - base H
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - lipstick 01 E
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - Eyebrow 01 H
Glam Affair: Cleavage - America
Tableau Vivant: Vlodovic haïr
Haus of Darcy: Metal Mouth MESH Round Dermals - Spider bite - Slide
Haus of Darcy: Liquid Poison MESH Facial & Chest Piercing - Slide
Dead Apples: Striking Eyes - Silver (Mens Dept)
Nuuna: Iizi makeup - Black
MV:Darkwave surfer corset - Onyx
Razor: Ring leader - Black
Para Designs: Butterfly swirl tattoo
!bang: Stand 330

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