Thursday, March 13, 2014

Demeter romance

I recently posted a pic where I only showed a tiny glimpse of this dress and I had to do another post to show how stunningly beautiful this Demeter gown from Evie's Closet is. This is the MVW 2013 colour version, there is also a fall version available. Demos are available too.

*flutters her eyelashes at Evie in the hopes for black version will one day be released*

Oh, and if you didn't know already, Evie has just released a gorgeous new gown called 'Nimue' that you definitely have to check out.
I will share some pics of it shortly :D

Evie's Closet


Evie's Closet: Demeter gown - MVW 2013
Glam Affair: Sylvia - base H
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - Basic lips 2
Glam Affair: Sylvia addon - Eyebrow 01 H
Glam Affair: Bohemian romance - Geisha
Tableau Vivant: Vlodovic haïr
Insufferable Dastards: Gem eyes - Dark gray
!bang: Stand 330

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