Friday, July 19, 2013

Drywood Dryad

Decades ago this forest once stood in a very different light. Life was bursting from even beneath the smallest stone. Once warmed by the suns beaming light, a then young Dryad frolicked and pranced amongst the tall green trees. Wild flora and quaint fauna flourished in vast numbers along with her kin. Lured to sea by adventurous young love, this wayward Dryad left her family and homeland without a second thought. As the years past and her love gone, this Dryad yearned for the life she once had among her people. Finding her way back she returns to find it is not as she remembered. The colour and life has long since gone from the once pristine woods she called home. Wandering the dark forsaken forest, blowing winds cause her limbs to creak and crack as it brushes passed, for the many years at sea have left her weathered and worn. With everything now gone, no place to call home she takes comfort in the forest floor for tomorrow she'll head back to the sea where she will live out the rest of her years among the ocean waves.

Fallen Gods Inc.: Drywood - Sacred war skin - Currently available for 50% off at We <3 Role-play. 
Also include with this skin are eyes, modesty layers and attachable drywood outfit pieces that compliment this amazing skin. There is also a beautiful blue skin called calm waters skin available for 50% off.

Haus of Darcy: The Crux piercing set - In all metal colours - Current item available at The Gallery Gift Shop.  I have colour edited my Frost version.

LeLutka: Vibrato mesh hair - Light greyscale pack. The hair colour pictured is not an available colour, I edited the colour of the arctic shade.

Deviance: Skirt is from the 'Dark Elementalist' outfit - Tarnished Teal - Silver.

Pic 1: Ploom poses: Flirty01 - 1
Pic 2:
Pic 3: !bang: Simple 1c
Pic 4: !bang: Intuition 5
Pic 1: Ploom poses: Flirty02 - 6

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