Saturday, June 1, 2013

The majestic crimson

Elegant white steeds graze the grounds at Gehena.
So beautiful and strong.
 The loud pounding of their powerful hearts are like the beating of a bass drum. Enormous amount of warm blood flows through their lean sleek bodies, much more than that of a mere human. 
These majestic beasts have an unusually exquisite taste. Many vampires struggle to stomach the richness of their thick blood but horses do make a delightful snack for a vampire on the run.

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Evie's Closet: Kie - Spring fantasy gown (Goth Fair)
Rue: Pluto eyes - Fantome - Australian Mist set(Goth Fair)
Glam Affair: Dark side - Roza 01
Haus of Darcy: End of night - prt 1 - Razor
LeLutka: Jada hair - Opal
Para Designs: Butterfly swirls tattoo
Maxi Gossamer: Filigree oval necklace

Pic 1: Ploom poses: Naughty 03
Pic 2: !Bang - stand 342
Pic 3: !Bang - stand 345
Pic 4: !Bang - stand 347

Location: Gehena Vampire Clan

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