Friday, June 14, 2013

Ever feel like you're being watched?

While browsing the clothing racks of your favourite store you catch a glimpse of something out the corner of your eye. You jump as you turn to see it is nothing more than a nicely dressed store mannequin. As you move to the other side of the store to continue browsing, a chill flows over your body as you feel as though you are being watched. You glance back and notice that the mannequin is eerily staring in your direction. You freak as you realise just moments ago it was facing the other direction, holding a different pose. Feeling somewhat spooked you quickly finalise your purchases and teleport the hell out of there.  

This half mannequin pose stand from Studio Sidhe is fun. It comes with 3 poses and is currently available for The Challenge Event - Round 4 Factory/Industrial.
Love this cute little cropped jacket and tank form Coco.
Glam Affair Lulu skin no. 09 (rare) is available from the arcade gacha event and is just gorgeous. Perfectly pale just the way I like it. The stunning chest piercings are a new release from Haus of Darcy. Scorpio's Simplicity Part 2 is a companion set to the recently released Scorpio's simplicity and is available at The gallery gift shop

Studio Sidhe:  Half Mannequin Stand - 3 Poses
Haus of Darcy: Scorpios Simplicity Part 2 (Chest)
Haus of Darcy: End Of The Night Prt. 1 Female - Razor (Face)
Glam Affair: Lulu 09 (The Arcade)
Glam Affair: Nui Dress - Red (Sent to destroy)
Rue: Pluto eyes - Fantome (Australian mist set)
LeLutka: Jada hair - Arctic
Coco: Cropped biker jacket - black
Coco: Cropped tank top - white (comes with jacket)

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