Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love the fallen

Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. has released this gorgeous Draco glacier skin for We <3 Roleplay and it's currently 50% off. The colour of this skin is absolutely stunning. Strangely all these pics have uploaded incorrectly, the colour is not quite right. 
To see the original colour of this beautiful skin check out this image on my flickr page.

Fallen Gods Inc: Draco glacier - female (We <3 Roleplay)
HoD: Kyo MESH Facial & Ear Piercings - Slide (New release)
SAKIDE: Ada dress - black (Gothmas)
Truth hair: Melita -  black & whites (New release)
Schadenfreude: Ptich leith boots - Black
Insufferable Dastard: Vampire eyes (Past zombie popcorn hunt gift)
SiniStyle: Taped fingers w/ black nails

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