Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winged cosmis

The Latest release from Haus of Darcy 'The Cosmis Collection' is amazing! Aydan Darcy has created and debuted an 100% mesh piercing set for your face and body. The set also comes with Cosmis make-up layer in black, purple and blues, created by Astrexia Chrome of Lovely Disarray (Make-up is not pictured).

To compliment this set, there is also a matching 'Cosmis' mesh ear piercing set that is currently available at The Gallery Gift Shop for September. It is made for human and non-human prim ears and come in 3 signature colours, Cosmis, Silent rage and Slide. Definitely a must have!

Fallen Gods Inc.: Feathers - female - Raven silver SB (xxx) We <3 Roleplay
Haus of Darcy Cosmis - chest, belly & facial - Slide
Wasabi Pills: Antiope hair - Ash
Damned - Eyes24
Flightless: Icarus wings - Black 
LaGyo: Savanna necklace - Silver (The dressing room)
Death Row Designs: Demonhands

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