Saturday, May 25, 2013

In the light of the fallen

 Fallen from the light and into the darkness

The World Goth Fair is off and running and the creators involved have released some stunning items with  a % of sales going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. 

I am wearing the coalborn skin overlay by Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods Inc. You can wear this gorgeous dark overlay over any colour skin and it is also available in a bloodborn version too.

I as also wearing a pair of Fantome Pluto eyes from Ruina Kessel of Rue. These are stunning and are available in lots of delicious colours.

You can grab both these items at the fair.

Can't forget to mention these amazing colour change (from black to white) wings and pose set created by Sixx Yangtz at HISpose. They are called HISwings  available in store.

-- -- -- -- --

Rue: Pluto eyes - Fantome - Australian mist set (World Goth Fair)
Fallen Gods Inc: Coalborn skin overlay (World Goth Fair)
HISpose: HISwings - poses & Blk/white colour change wings
Haus of Darcy: Spiked lust v1 - Frost
GOS Boutique: Barefeet v2 - flat
Glam Affair: Giselle - sent to destroy 1
DE Designs: Gyda - underwear - black (New release - outfit)
Burley: Sofian - black

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