Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Demons & Angels

My next Fantasy Faire featured store is Demons & Angels. They are located on Lotus Valley Dream   sim. There are two male and two female outfits available with the proceeds going directly to RFL. I purchased the Nord hunter outfit and it inspired me to come up with this beastly creature.

Fantasy Faire credits:
Demons & Angels: Nord hunter - Brown $200
Fallen Gods Inc.: DRACO Moonlight tones - Serpent scales $990 or $1700 in fatpack (4 skins)
Wasabi Pills: Erika mesh hair - Crystal violet $150 (3 colours)

Other credits:
Rue: Hell-ena - Shabriri slit eyes (N/A)
Rue: Horns/Chirurgeon: Royal
Haus of Darcy: Torli'ai Piercing - Slide
Illusions: Seelie ears
Flecha: sculpted Dragonbone two hands sword

Severed heads credits:
Pink Fuel: Gatcha - Cyber grey
Truth: Leticia - Pearl
Ikon: Ardent eyes - Bone

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