Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stumble and dream

I have been asked this question a few times lately...yes! Stryda Radek in my male alt but this wasn't always the case. Radek once belonged to another, he had an owner.  He is a RL friend of mine that I have known for many years. I love this guy like a brother, he was my best friend. He was my SL.I looked forward to seeing Radek's name pop up as he logged in to SL, it would bring a smile to my face. I still get the same feeling with a with a couple of avi's on my friend list, though don't tell them that, I may get embarrassed :P  I had an incredible time exploring the many aspects of SL with Radek. We had a lot of fun and use to get up to a lot of mischief *grins innocently* seeing that Radek can't currently defend himself I'll have to say he was the instigator of all trouble caused. We fought, posed, danced and shopped together. The fighting was a particular favourite, we'd kick the shit of of each other in massive 'no rule' fights. The loser would be collared and dragged around like a puppy by the victor. Some of the fights were so messy, flying fists, weapons, all kinds of object...there was shit flying everywhere. Then we'd walk around covered in cuts, bruises and blooded bandages for the rest of the day. We would try every x rated animations we could find and ended up in fits of laughter, we just couldn't be romantic with each other, it's not as though we didn't try, it just wasn't for us.

Sadly a couple of years ago Radek headed overseas for work and our RL friendship and his SL began to become non existent. Eventually he gave his avatar to my keeping, he is kept in a cage down in my basement and is only let out when I'm in the mood for playing around. If Radek was to return to SL he would be nicely surprised at his avatars appearance. Radek is easily kept looking good, with the thanks to stores likes of Tableau Vivant, Haus of Darcy and Wasabi pills, just to name a few. Since Radek's departure I became a hermit, hiding up in a skybox, venturing out on the odd occasion. My surfboard is covered in dust, rarely go zombie hunting anymore, doubt I'd even know how to operate my weapons anymore...he was a big part of my SL and an important part of my RL. We still keep in contact but it's just not the same. As in RL, SL is always changing, people come and go and it is out of our control. 

I miss his companionship, the conversation, the fooling around.
One day he may can only dream.
 I miss him immensely.

Found a pic of Stryda and I early

LJ is wearing:
Magika: 02 Stumble
Haus of Darcy: TV 1 -  Slide
Haus of Darcy: End of the night prt 2 - Razor
Haus of Darcy: Thrust v2 - Slide
Glam affair: Dark Side - Roza 01
Redgrave: Loose tanktop vintage - Dark
Utopiah: Tatt - The Game of death
Immerschoen Girl: Mesh Jeans - Black
SiniStyle: Taped fingers with black nails

Stryda is wearing:
Tableau Vivant: SWAT pants - Black
Haus of Darcy: Decay Piercing & Lip Tattoo
Dead Wool: Duster coat
Wasabi pills: Teeloh mesh hair - Ash
SiniStyle: Taped fingers with black nails

Pose: ICED Anticipation Couples Pose

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