Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Sept. 24th - Oct 23rd

Spring time has hit down under (Australia). Now that it's starting to warm up, 
time to lose a few layers and do a little spring cleaning :P

                        Seeing I'm a libran, I thought I'd check out the latest round at Zodiac. 

Latest release for Haus of Darcy 'End of the night' piercing set...gorgeous! 

Must thank the following for my spring cleaning attire:
Apponos Aprons: Zodiac - Libra Elemental
HoD: End of the night piercing set
HoD: Digital Studded Spinal Piercing
HoD: Dragon studs - Razor (ear)
Glam Affair: Lilith skin - Artic 01
J's: Studded long boots - black
Ploom: Long Day hair - Indecisive
Izumiya: SS pose F11 (Pic 1)
!Bang: Back up 3  (Pic 2)

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